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Ducati Sumisura


Customise Your Racing Suit

Ducati SuMisura is a made-to-measure racing suit service which also allows users to customise their suit, in terms of graphics and on their specific physique, with a “bespoke” solution. A tailored suit is safer and more comfortable, fits your body perfectly, follows your movements and provides you with greater agility while riding your bike. To reach this result, a team of highly skilled professionals will carefully take your measurements in order to perfectly adapt the garment to your riding style.


Highly specialized staff carefully takes your measurements to adapt the garment to your body and your riding style.

These custom details will be used to produce a sketch that, only after your approval, will be used to guide the production of this exclusive garment.

The stitching of the garment begins with the choice of the best leather with the thickness that is best suited to the different pieces of your suit.

Each piece of leather is unique and original with some imperfections related to the animal’s “history.”

A professional identifies them so that they are eliminated during cutting. A sophisticated laser cuts the individual pieces with extreme precision. The various parts of your suit start to take shape.

Localized perforation leaves the outer edge free so that the seams are far from the perforated area, ensuring greater resistance against tearing while maintaining excellent ventilation.

Based on your requests and following the approved sketch, the personalizations that make your suit unique are applied.

All the parts of your suit start to take shape. The customizations are attached with hot glue before being sewn on.

One of the last phases of this intricate process is the stitching of the protections and the inner lining. The Nanofeel® lining makes the garment breathable, increasing its level of comfort.


Order your riding suit and discover the gift made just for you

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